Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another year past.

Well I've hit the 8 year mark on this bike build. Sure not breaking any records there. This past summer I did almost nothing to this bike. I did ride my Electraglide 13,000 miles and put a new cam in it. Kari and I are now engaged, July 7th 2012 is the wedding date. I told her I really want to ride the chopper in our wedding. She is now the pilot of the Sportster. She managed to get 7,500 miles on it this year. Bradley also got a new bike this year, an XR70 Honda. Kari's son Gene also now lives with us so we are a family of four.

Anyways this blog is about the chopper. If you want to see other stuff find me on facebook. I think I left off with the fork sliders. The polished up really nice. Ike at work gave them their final touch. Also mounted the brake caliper and kickstand. The bike is alot easier to move around now that it has a kickstand. I had to order a shorter one tho. With this one the bike will tip over if I turn the bars to the right.

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