Monday, May 18, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new.

     I'm proud to say Ton'y bike is finished!  He took it home tonight and is probably freezing his ass off riding in the crap misty weather we have had for the last week or so.  It might be 45 degrees out at the warmest.   We (Tony, Troy, and myself) got the bike running Saturday and I finished up the last few things Sunday afternoon.

     The finished wiring job:

     A shot of the bike.  2001 Buell motor in a Paughco frame.  I think it is +6 in the down tubes and 40 degree neck.  So far I have rebuilt the front end, replaced the rear wheel bearings, rewired the whole bike, and serviced it a couple times.  I'm pretty familiar with it now.

     I rode it around the block in the rain yesterday and put 12 miles on it tonight before I returned it to Tony.  It sure is a fun bike.

     My next project belongs to another friend.  Troy's bike needs a stator and voltage regulator replacement, a new front tire and a few changes that he has in mind.  He just bought the bike this spring and this will be his first summer with it.

Monday, May 4, 2015

We've got spark!

     Last Friday night we quit for the night a little disappointed.  The headlight works, the oil light works but the bike didn't have spark when we cranked it over and the neutral light does not work.

     I traced the neutral light wiring all the way back to the switch behind the front sprocket and when I ground it i get the N to light up.  Bad neutral switch bad.

     Then we tested for spark.  I had not completely by passed the bank angle sensor at the ignition control module.  I did some google research and found that the green/yellow wire at the ICM needs a path to ground for the bike to have spark.  By connecting that wire to chassis ground voila we have spark.

     After I verified the ICM was functioning  I spent the rest of the night routing and installing the wire loom for the back half of the harness.  Everything is coming together nicely.

     This is where I left off for the evening.  Back at it again tomorrow