Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The switches

The electronics for the bike will all be controlled through this left switch housing. The original switch is from a cop bike(pink & orange wires). I had swapped a regular plastic caps onto it. When I tested the way the switch worked it was backwards and run was actually off. I took the switch apart by bending the little hold down tab and swapped a regular run / kill switch into the left side holder. The wires for ignition are now the normal grey & white w/ black stripe.

The bottom indicator lights are from an FXLR I think. I made an aluminum bracket to go inside the switch housing to hold them in place and trim down a "license applied for" plastic plate to use as the background because the texture of the plastic closely matches the switch caps. I'll be using a Hydraulic clutch master cylinder on my left hand to operate the from brake.

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