Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New dirt bike and some garage time.

     This things kinda ugly. I bought a $220 china bike.  I think it's an XR125 replica.  It runs, rides, all the gears work, and it even stops pretty decent with the disc brake on the front.  It is a far cry from the dirt bike I really want but it's going to get me through the summer I hope.
     I need to buy a trailer to hold this bike and the XR80 then we will be ready for some weekend moto fun.  Trail riding and camping are a priority for me this summer.  It's about the cheapest fun you can have with motorcycles because these little trail bikes just sip the fuel.  Spider lake is about 60 miles away and pulling a trailer I get about 20-22mpg with my car.  Cheaper than going to a movie for all day fun.  I don't think I will get both bikes in the trunk.

     I've been re organizing my garage to make room for all the bikes and make it easier to work on them.  My basement is filling up with shelves of parts and things I don't use very often in order to free up precious floor space.
All of the shelves along the left side are headed for the basement.

     The boxes and totes of "stuff" that is to important to throw away are also basment bound.  My tool box is going to be moved to the left side of the work bench.  I already removed the small brown cabinet to make room for it.

     The lawn tractor and the dirt bikes are going to be lined up along the wall to the left of the garage door in this view once the totes and tool box are relocated to their new homes.  This is the final step of me moving into my new house.