Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exhaust changes

I think I am going to change my mind on the exhaust pipe. We had a Basani 2-1 headpipe for a Dyna that had scratches in the black ceramic in the extra parts room at work. My boss Dan was kind enough to let me use it. It didn't fit right away, and it still doesn't fit perfect.

I cut the straight portion of the rear pipe to lower the collector down under the kick start assmebly. I went to a muffler shop close to my house and the owner made me a slug to slip inside the pipe to extend it. I plan on wrapping the slug with a piece of sheet metal to make the outside diameter the same as the rest of the pipe once I get everything to fit together. The rear pipe fits nicely now but the pipe to front cylinder fitment is a bit crooked and I think I am going to have to stretch the pipe in the upright dimension and cut a portion out in the going backwards dimension to get it all lined up. I don't want it to leak when I'm done. Right now I think I'm just going to stare at it a while and see if I like it. If I keep it the collector will be extended and run parallel to the rear frame rail going to the axle.

Also in this picture is the oil tank that I bought from Trevor on The Horse swap meet. I cleaned it out in the solvent tank at work. I got some round magnets with a hole in the middle of them from Radio Shack and fastened a zip tie through the middle so I could get the magnet back out. I kept flushing and cleaning it until the solvent was clean and the magnets didn't have any debris on them. I have to order a few more oil line fittings to get it all plumbed in.