Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What a mess.

     This is my friend Tony's chopper.  The bike ran with this wad of wires stuffed behind the battery tray.  It was all pretty sketchy and lots of unused extra wires present.  It seems to be the complete Buell wiring harness rolled into a ball and electrical taped together.

     Even had an extra harness zip tied to the left front down tube.  the only thing that came out the bottom was the turn signal wires for the front.  There were also some connections tied together that led back to the ignition module.

     I have a service manual on the way to sort out the ignition system and get the bike to a bare minimum of wiring.  I'm also going to add in some connectors for the handlebars and headlight.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

First ride of the year 2015

     This years first ride was a lot less dramatic than last years.  It went from really cold to 50 degrees over the weekend and highs in the 50's all week long.  Spring is here and the snow is almost gone.

     Same as last year my first ride I was chasing a tag for the GLMC photo game.  My objective was to take a picture in front of a tax office this time I got it and picked the new tag.

I also replaced the bad stator in my Electraglide and that bike is up and running again.  No pictures though because I already posted some of the big bike with the primary off.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tool review Motion Pro fork seal drivers

     I have tried several types of two piece fork seal drivers.  These Motion Pro units are the best I have ever used.  They lock together with a dovetail ring.  When installed onto the tube they are nice and heavy.  No worries about the seal driver coming apart and smacking the lower leg.

Back on two wheels

    I picked up my new slider bushings for the bottom of the fork tubes, but I forgot to get another bottle of fork oil so I haven't filled them up yet.  I compared type E to some Dexron 3 ATF I had in the garage.  In the cold weather the type E fork oil is thicker than the ATF.  I have heard of people using ATF in their forks but I've never tried it myself.  The new bushings are nice and gray.

     I got some stainless hardware to mount the handlebars and headlight.  They look nice on there.

     The next step is to mount the gas tank.  I like the way the bars look jacked forward like that.  I don't have the seat mounted yet so I don't know if that will be the final position.