Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bradley's bike

Sportster number two is a 2003 XLH 883.  I bought this bike to be Bradley's first motorcycle once he is old enough to ride it.  It is a nice and stock low mileage bike and I'm gonna keep it that way.  This bike and my '74 are almost perfect just the way they are.  This one needs to have the hypercharger removed and a proper HD air filter installed.  I'm also on the look out for a 1200 custom seat to replace the badlander.

How many kids get a Sportster to ride to high school 3 years before they can even ride it?  I got this bike for him but I bought a 2003 Sportster in  particular because I wanted one like this when they were new.  I wasn't capable to buy a new bike until July 2005 when I got my first Sportster.

you always remember your first...

Sportsters are, in my opinion, the best motorcycles Harley-Davidson builds.  I have always liked them.  I currently own 3 of them.  My first one is a 2005 XLH 883.  I bought it new, it was my first Harley.  It's a 1200 now, been painted a couple times and has been there for me through thick and thin.  If the shit hit the fan and I had to sell everything I owned this is the bike I would ride into the sunset with nothing but the clothes on my back.

The bike is currently rattle can Chevy orange with a bad flame job.  I bought paint to redo it in the same design but better execution.  It is going to be the same color orange as the General Lee with black pearl flames on the gas tank.  The jolly roger paint job lasted a few years.  It will get used again if I ever get my chopper done.

I like Sportsters

Well I am not a very active blogger.  It's been nearly a year since I updated.  Last July I bought a house, and another Sportster.  The newest bike is also the oldest.  It's a 1974 XLH 1000.  I am the 3rd owner and it is a nice stock motorcycle.  I got it from a fellow named Jack.  He bought the bike in 1975 with only 1000 miles on it.  I also got the original gas tank, still in original paint, with the deal and a sweet AMF padlock.  I plan on repainting the fenders to match the paint on the OEM tank and reinstalling it. 

The bike is so close to stock I can't bring myself to modify it.  The pipes are different, but I think they are very early Cycle Shack pipes.  They have been on the bike since the 70's.

It has been repainted once with a larger king sporty tank installed.  It is a couple shades darker maroon than the original color.  I intend to bring the paint job back to stock with out repainting the tank.  I'm just going to redo the fenders to match the old tank.
Right now the tank is enshrined above the television in the living room.