Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fork legs

It's always a bummer when it starts snowing. I ignored this bike all summer. The worst mistake I ever made in getting this bike done quickly was to buy a Harley. I was making wicked fast progress on this bike when the only other motorcycle I had was an XS 650 Yamaha. Once I got my Sportster this bike went on the back burner during nice weather.

We've passed the 7 year mark since I started building this bike. Maybe I should call it the seven year itch. Anyways. It's winter time so my chopper is my focus again. Much earlier than usual too. Most years I have to wait until I get my taxes back to buy the parts I've been dreaming about and researching for a year. This year I don't really have alot of parts to buy, just alot of parts to make. It helps that my Sportster doesn't NEED anything. My Electraglide needs some work but I already paid for the cam and tappets to put in it (EV23 Andrews). Other than the cam swap the blue bike just needs maintenence and a rear tire. Tax time will get that bike into shape.

Lots of talking and very little pictures today. The photo shows the right side fork slider after fender tab removal. This is the set of forks I got from Alex on the swap board mentioned down below. I started with the right leg because if I messed it up I had a few spares. Now that I have it figured out I'm ready to do the left leg. They will be sent to Browns for plating.

I decided to pony up and buy a chrome plated brake caliper as well. All this chrome I am doing is going to require a nice paint job.

I got my new West Eagle seat. I'm very happy with it. It fits the bike nicely. Just gotta get it mounted and order up seat springs. I think I'm going to get another set of hairpins like on the other seat.

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