Monday, May 4, 2015

We've got spark!

     Last Friday night we quit for the night a little disappointed.  The headlight works, the oil light works but the bike didn't have spark when we cranked it over and the neutral light does not work.

     I traced the neutral light wiring all the way back to the switch behind the front sprocket and when I ground it i get the N to light up.  Bad neutral switch bad.

     Then we tested for spark.  I had not completely by passed the bank angle sensor at the ignition control module.  I did some google research and found that the green/yellow wire at the ICM needs a path to ground for the bike to have spark.  By connecting that wire to chassis ground voila we have spark.

     After I verified the ICM was functioning  I spent the rest of the night routing and installing the wire loom for the back half of the harness.  Everything is coming together nicely.

     This is where I left off for the evening.  Back at it again tomorrow

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