Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A new bike is always exciting

     I finally bought a dirt bike for myself.  It's a 1988 Honda XR250R.  Don't get me wrong I love Harleys but I've been riding red for way longer.  I started out on grandpa Vernon's 1983 Honda Big Red 200 three wheeler when I was 10 and I was allowed to ride it by myself at 13.  The thing I remember most about that trike it always started and never let me down.  I think that's why I like Honda dirt machines to this day.

     Bradley's XR80 can be seen parked next to the new bike.  I bought DNR trail stickers for both bikes and the XR250 is dual registered so I can ride it in town.  I have to add a few more parts to it to make it (mostly) street legal but I do have a plate for it already.

     Bradley has been growing so fast, he's pretty much already to big for his XR80.  That's a CRF125 he's sitting on at the Minneapolis motorcycle show.  I'm going to keep him on the 80 until he is better with a clutch.  The 80 is so easy for him to ride and learn how to use a clutch with I don't want him to get frustrated.  The XR80 is a really clean bike and can be sold easily enough when it's time to move him up to the next one.

     Look how big the XR250R is parked next to the Sportsters.  The seat height sags about 4 inches when I sit on it.

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