Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm always a little sad when I sell a motorcycle.

     I sold Bradley's XR70 tonight.  It was the right thing to do but it's always a little uncomfortable the first time I walk into the garage and that bike isn't there anymore.  Here's a list of the motorcycles I have sold in no particular order:

1980 Yamaha XS 650

     I really liked this bike.  It was the first motorcycle that I bought after my leg was cut off.  I got it from a friend of mine named John.  It was pretty much as you see it but had stupid handlebars and old tires.  I installed some Mikuni VM34 roundslides, new tires, clutch just a general going over for a bike that had been sitting for about a decade.  I rode it for 2 summers and put about 10k miles on it.  I sold it about 3 weeks after I got my '05 Sportster.
     I learned ALOT about Mikuni carburetors getting these things to run properly on this bike but in the end I increased HP from 40 to 44, better throttle response, and actually got better gas mileage.

1999 Dyna Wide Glide:

I bought this bike for my ex girlfriend Kari.  We were engaged to be married, she loved riding and I thought it was pretty awesome to buy her a motorcycle.  She must not have thought it was that awesome because she called off the wedding and broke up with me.  Anyways  I sold it to my friend Shane.  I really liked it but it was a good decision selling it.  I bought Bradley's 883 shortly after selling this one.
I even swapped mid controls onto it because she couldn't reach the forwards.
I miss all the mini bikes too, but they had to be sold in order to keep Bradley moving up to bigger bikes


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