Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Transmission

I built the transmission from parts. Looking back I should have just bought a complete transmssion because I have WAY more money into it than I needed to spend. It is full of nice parts tho.

The transmission for this bike has been through the most changes as my plan for the bike has changed over the years. The gears in it originally were mix-n-match gears from various different bikes that had the gear box opened up for one reason or another. 5th gear main & counter shaft are matched and came from the same bike. One that Tony at The Boar House had put a PM phatail kit on. The others are unknown origin and will be replaced with the 1-4th gear sets from the original transmission from Hootis' 1998 hardtail FLSTS project that he recently completed.

I finished the chopping of this transmission last weekend and need to re-assemble it. The starter mounting ear has been sliced off and filed smooth, The case is now texture black and will be put together with the exsisting 5th gear, Pauls old 1-4th gears, my original Baker roller detent shift drum and billet shift forks, and a Rivera-Primo kickstarter. All within the S&S super stock tansmission case and billet trap door.

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