Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Gears

I went to work today on my day off so I could work on the bike some more. Started the morning on the Smithy making custom rear transmission mounting nuts that will accept eye bolts that I'm going to order from McMaster-Carr to use as my primary belt adjusters. They turned out (get it) really nice.
The transmission case has had several days for the texture black paint to dry and it's probably as durable as it's going to get. Brought the gearset's home today and got The '98 gears from Hootis assembled onto my billet S&S trapdoor. The retaining rings that hold the gears onto the shafts were kicking my ass when I was taking the gearset apart. I got a new snap ring pliers off the Snap On truck today, a tool I've wanted for a while. Harper finally removed one of the retaining rings for me at my house this afternoon when he stopped by to see if my fridge still kept beer cold. After I watched how he was getting them off with a couple screw drivers and the snap ring pliers, I was able to settle down and get them apart alot quicker without wrecking parts. I was really getting frustrated with them so I'm glad he stopped by.
Now I need a few hours to put the transmission back together and install the kick starter.
The pic shows how the electric starter mounting ear is now gone and smoothed out for a kick only application. Good-bye modern convenience. Those long bolts sticking out the left side hold the outboard mainshaft support bearing that goes between the clutch and the drive sprocket.

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