Sunday, July 19, 2015

100,000 miles Brand new bike!.

     On the trip up north my bike rolled over 100,000 miles.  I think it's pretty cool so I shot a video of it.  It is a 1996 FLHTCU.  I bought the bike in May 2010 with 54k on it.  The base gaskets were (still are) weeping a little bit of oil.  I put a new cam, cam bearing, and tappets in it at 67k miles.  It already had a different cam in it when I put in the Andrews EV23.  It had an EV27 in it when I bought it.  So someone had been into the cam cavity before me but I don't think the top end has ever been off.

     I'm going to just keep riding her until she starts smoking or making bad noises.  As of right now I have no reason to overhaul it.  Here's a short 1 minute video of the odometer rolling over

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